Workshop Objectives

The Modeling and Reasoning in Context workshop series provides a forum to exchange and discuss issues and ideas in a friendly, cooperative environment.

MRC aims to bring together researchers and scientists from different communities, both in industry and academia, to study, understand, and explore issues surrounding context. By exploring modeling and reasoning approaches for context-sensitive systems from a broad range of areas, the workshop will facilitate the sharing of problems, techniques, and solutions. We will cover theoretical approaches to context, mechanisms and techniques for structured storage of contextual information, effective ways to retrieve it, and methods for enabling integration of context and application knowledge.

Topics of Interest

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

ECAI 2010 will feature a range of context-related workshops. MRC 2010 has an applied focus and explores the many different approaches to and understandings of context and considers the value these provide to modeling, reasoning, application, and evaluation. ARCOE 2010 examines the logic and knowledge management aspects of context and ExaCt 2010 gives attention to explanations and their relationship to context.

Previous MRC & Related Events

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