CHUT Special Session

We have joined forces with the organizers of the workshop Role of Contextualization in Human Tasks (CHUT-07). Papers accepted for CHUT will be presented in a special session at MRC 2007.

The CHUT-07 workshop focuses on the process of contextualization in human task, including the actor accomplishing the task and the working place where this occurs. Thus, concrete aspects of context are considered at various levels from the knowledge representation to the reasoning modeling. The relationships between the task and the actor are considered in the context of the working place. Thus different types of context must be tackled, and the movement of the triple (actor, task and working place) across all the contexts supposes a process of contextualization. The goal of the CHUT-07 workshop is to clarify the practical role of the contextualization with respect to the triple (actor, task and working place) in the real world.

Note: MRC and CHUT have published joined proceedings, so you need only to order the MRC proceedings when you want to have a hard copy.

CHUT Chairs

Patrick Brezillon
University Paris 6, France

Charles Tijus
University Paris 8, France

Juliette Brezillon
University Paris 6, France

CHUT Website

More information (topics of interest, program committee members, etc.) can be found on the CHUT-07 Website.

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