List of Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at HCCA-CBR 2011 and will be included in the proceedings:

Full Papers

Flexible and Interactive Retrieval for Supporting Comparative Genomics Studies on Endobacteria
S. Montani, G. Leonardi, S. Ghignone, L. Lanfranco

Case-Based Reasoning All Over the Place: The Multiple Roles of CBR in Biologically Inspired Design
B. Wiltgen, A. K. Goel

MovieCobber: an Individual Recommender Based on Temperaments
H. Gómez-Gauchía

Assembling Latent Cases from the Web - A Challenge Problem for Cognitive CBR
D. Leake

Position Papers

Reusing Cognitive Coping Strategies
K.-D. Althoff, K. Bach, R. Newo, W. Greve

Case-Based Reasoning for Supporting Life Counsellors
R. Newo, K.-D. Althoff, K. Bach, M. Althoff, R. Zirkel-Bayer

Embedding Curiosity in a Learning Framework for CBR
S. Massie, S. Craw

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