- beyond Recall and Precision
in conjunction with APWeb-WAIM 2009 | April 1-4, 2009 | Suzhou, China

The ENQOIR workshop has been merged with the DBIR workshop. For further news and update refer to the DBIR-ENQOIR website @ http://deke.ruc.edu.cn/dbir09/dbir09.html.
We will have a special session with the accepted papers on the issues of evaluation of ontology-driven information retrieval at the merged workshop.

Program for the DBIR-ENQOIR 2009 workshop
(2nd of April, 2009, 13.30--17.30):

    Session chair: Changjie Tang
  • 13.30 -- Welcome!
  • 13.30 -- 13.55:: Ontology Personalization: an approach based on Conceptual Prototypicality
    Xavier Aime, Frederic Furst, Pascal Kuntz, and Francky Trichet
  • 13.55 -- 14.20:: Ontology Evaluation Through Text Classification
    Yael Netzer, David Gabay, Meni Adler, Yoav Goldberg, and Michael Elhadad
  • 14.20 -- 14.45:: Core-Tag Clustering for Web 2.0 based on Multi-Similarity Measurements
    Yexi Jiang, Changjie Tang, Kaikuo Xu, Lei Duan, Liang Tang, and Jie Gong
  • 14.45 -- 15.15:: A Grid Index Based Method for Continuous Constrained Skyline Query over Data Stream
    Li Zhang, Yan Jia, and Peng Zou
  • 15.15 -- 15.30: Coffee Break

  • Session chair: Xiao Zhang
  • 15.30 -- 15.55:: User Feedback for Improving Question Categorization in Web-based Question Answering Systems
    Wanpeng Song, Liu Wenyin, Naijie Gu and Xiaojun Quan
  • 15.55 -- 16.20:: XTree A New XML Keyword Retrieval model
    Cong-Rui Ji, Zhi-Hong Deng, and Shi-Wei Tang
  • 16.20 -- 16.45:: Effective Top-k Keyword Search in Relational Databases Considering Query Semantics
    Yanwei Xu, Yoshiharu Ishikawa, and Jihong Guan
  • 16.45 -- 17.10:: Meta Galaxy: A Flexible and Efficient Cube Model for Data Retrieval in OLAP
    Jie Zuo, Changjie Tang, Lei Duan, Yue Wang, Liang Tang, Tianqing Zhang, and Jun Zhu
  • 17.10 -- 17.30:: Summarising discussion and end of the DBIR-ENQOIR 2009 workshop